How to Evaluate Institutes?

How to Evaluate Institutes?

Although aspirants can use their discretion to choose any institute they want for Data Science (DS) courses, they always find themselves at a crossroads when they encounter a barrage of DS courses from a multitude of institutes. This blog, being a saviour, will guide you through how to evaluate institutes before entirely leaning on them because if you miss out any of the following factors before applying at the academy, you are possibly losing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a promising career. For easy reference, we have enumerated five factors that every applicant must take into consideration so that he/she gains entry into an appropriate institute.


Every student must carefully consider the first factor, which is the curriculum. If you want to make a glittering career as a data scientist, you must be inquisitive in every respect and bear in mind that you need to implement the same skill here. Ask questions, such as, “How is this curriculum going to help me out with achieving my goals?” “Who has the expert mind behind the curriculum, followed up with research on the person who has designed the curriculum in order to check whether the person is a subject-matter-expert or not.” Lastly, “does the curriculum meet the depth of professional expertise, which is essential during the job search?

Instructor Profile:

Secondly, an applicant must look into the screening and hiring process of instructors/teachers at institutes. If the instructors of the institute do have considerable domain expertise, your future will be in eligible hands. However, if the institute fails to hire seasoned instructors, you need to find alternative institutes that equip you with experienced teachers. More importantly, such instructors not only ensure thorough preparations from you but also advise you to choose the correct career path in times when you are in a quandary. Hence, it is crucial to determining a benchmark for every instructor that is going to teach you a particular subject.

Exposure to the Industry:

Hands-on industry exposure must be high-priority on every course list at institutes, given that every job needs actual experience in respective subjects/domains. Until you do not get your hands on real problem statements or datasets, you cannot come to grips with real tasks in your career. In addition, networking with knowledgeable people is vital while you are taking the course. Therefore, it becomes all-important to carry out comprehensive research on the institute to examine whether the institute is providing you with the exposure to real projects.

Placement Assistance:

This factor is pivotal in facilitating your introduction to the job market. Although the job market depends upon the supply of talents and demand for jobs, it is of paramount importance that you receive detailed guidance on hackathons, hiring challenges, and social profile building for professional networking. If the institute is offering regular placement services, sessions with industry experts on how to develop professional skills, and full support for creating interview-winning resumes, then you can consider the institute an ideal one. Thus, investigating the background of the institute in providing placement assistance is ultimately decisive.

Validated Learning:

After contemplating all the above factors, you can determine your dependence on the institute because that is the only place where you are going to seek technical as well as moral guidance, not to speak of the solutions to your queries, career concerns, and content. In addition, if you could find out a successful track record of the institute in fitting the students out with high levels of encouragement and motivation, you are all set to apply for the DS course at the academy. Once you start looking up to the institute, you develop a strong bonding with it and achieve every milestone that you set for your career.

To sum up, if you consider all the factors mentioned above, you will end up enrolling at an institute that will enable you to make giant strides in your career.